Embrace the Future of Beverages: Anticipating 2024 Drink Trends in the UK

Embrace the Future of Beverages: Anticipating 2024 Drink Trends in the UK

As we stand on the verge of 2024, the beverage industry is gearing up for a dynamic transformation. The ever-evolving nature of the drinks sector, continuously capturing the imaginations of bartenders and consumers alike, is what makes the food and beverage industries so captivating. These domains remain agile, ever ready to adapt to the ever-shifting habits and preferences of their patrons.

Over the years, we've witnessed it all, from the meteoric rise of celebrity-owned drinks brands to the unexpected coolness of chilled red wine and the gin craze that dominated the spirits realm for a decade. With 2023 in the rearview mirror, it's time to peer ahead and decipher the forthcoming trends.

Drawing on insights from our team, industry experts, a glimpse at the trends across the Atlantic, and the aid of trend analysis software, we've outlined our predictions for the key drink trends of 2024.

Forecasting 2024 Drink Trends: What Lies Ahead

1. The Rise of Asian Flavours

The journey into 2024 kicks off with an expedition into the tantalising world of Asian flavours. We anticipate that Asian flavours will take the spotlight in the UK, not only in new product releases but also in innovative cocktail creations. It's a logical progression, considering the British penchant for Asian taste profiles such as ginger, lemongrass, and kaffir lime leaf. The tip of the iceberg is just the beginning, as the Far East offers a rich tapestry of flavours waiting to be explored. With the emergence of eastern spirits like Baiju, Sake, and Mekhong, and the introduction of versatile fruits like Yuzu, it's only a matter of time before Asian flavours become a dominant force in cocktails and beverages.

2. The Era of Tea Cocktails

The fusion of flavoured tea and cocktails promises to be a golden opportunity in 2024. The UK's shelves are now graced with a diverse array of flavourful teas that are ripe for infusion into cocktail menus. Flavoured tea offers a powerful flavour punch without the dreaded sugar spike. In the wake of hard seltzers dwindling in popularity, flavoured tea cocktails are poised to fill the gap, offering low-calorie cocktails without sacrificing on flavour.

3. Tequila's Resurgence

Tequila, following a remarkable journey over the past decade, shows no sign of slowing down as a 2024 drink trend. With its newfound popularity in the UK and its pivotal role in crafting the timeless Margarita, tequila is the perfect partner for post-pandemic revelry. 

4. Embracing Vegan-First Drink Menus

As the trend of plant-based food and drink continues to flourish, 2024 may witness an evolution in drink trends that align with this shift. While veganism is far from new, surprisingly few establishments have tailored beverage programs with veganism in mind. Many drinks and cocktails still feature ingredients of animal origin, from milks and creams to drinks brands using animal-derived products. The logical outcome of this trend could be the proliferation of vegan drinks menus in mainstream venues. Such menus would prominently feature vegan brands and plant-based alternatives to milks and creams, with clear labels indicating the vegan stance of the cocktails and drinks. Additionally, bartenders are likely to receive more extensive training in vegan options.

5. Spritz's Ascent to Mainstream

The increasing popularity of Spritz cocktails is set to continue in 2024. Spritz, particularly the iconic Aperol Spritz, has already carved a prominent niche for itself in the world of drinks. However, the Spritz category is poised to diversify further, with new brands and flavour combinations gracing both bars and store shelves. The Spritz's allure lies in its refreshing and lower-alcohol attributes, aligning well with the evolving preferences of consumers seeking more conscious drinking choices. Moreover, culturally, the Spritz evokes a sense of summer, making it an irresistible choice. It's safe to assume that we'll be witnessing a greater variety of Spritz options in the near future.

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